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Youth workers are heroes! Day in day out, these professionals are tirelessly working to support and empower young people growing up without a safe and caretaking environment. StreetSmart is committed to making their life easier. With innovative digital tools and street proof educational materials, we help youth workers to unlock the potential of young people by taking their interventions to the next level.

StreetSmart Impact

An all-in-one combination of a data registration and case management app for youth workers, a remote digital coaching for youngsters and a user-friendly web-based platform, developed to provide essential information about your impact!

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StreetSmart Play

Never run out of game inspiration with StreetSmart Play, an interactive content-sharing platform with hundreds of fun and attractive educational activities, designed by people from all over the world.

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StreetSmart Learn

Take a course on StreetSmart Learn, an online training and learning platform to coach and strengthen youth workers. This module is currently under construction (expected release 2021).

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StreetSmart on Wheels

The integrated outreach methodology, combining all the StreetSmart digital tools with a transportable blackboard on wheels to bring non-formal education to the street. Includes regular on-site training and coaching for organisations who want to strengthen their outreach activities.

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