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Everything you need to know so you can use StreetSmart Impact like a pro (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I log in?

Go to the http://impact.street-smart.be website and register your organisation for StreetSmart Impact. Once you are registered, you are able to add team members to your organisation. They will be invited by email to create a password for their account. Once they’ve created the password, they now can log in on the StreetSmart website AND application, which you can find in the AppStore and PlayStore.

I forgot my password. What should I do now?

Don’t worry if you forgot your password. Go to https://impact.street-smart.be/forgot-password and complete your email address. A URL to create a new password will be send to your mailbox. If you don’t find the email, please check your junk mail folder as well.

I don’t find the invitation email for StreetSmart Impact. How can I log in?

To be able to use StreetSmart Impact, you need to be invited to an organsation who is active on StreetSmart Impact. This invitation will come by email. If you didn’t receive the email, there could be a couple of solutions:
- Please make sure your admin used the correct email address.
- Check your junk mail folder, to see if the invitation got lost over there.
If you are sure the email address your admin used matches yours, then go to https://impact.street-smart.be/forgot-password and click on forgot password. You will need to reset your password, but you will have access now to the StreetSmart Impact environment.


What is the difference between reminders, notes and life events?

- On the website and in the StreetSmart Impact app you have the possibility to create reminders. On the website you can find them in the top right corner. In the app you will see in the profile of the child a small icon of a little bell. In the app, a reminder will always be related to a participant.

- Complete the form to help remind you later to add a more extensive note to this participant profile. This is only possible in the website. When you click in the top right corner on the little bell, you will see how many unresolved reminders you have. By clicking on the reminders, you can solve them and convert them into notes. These notes will be added to the participant’s profile. If you don’t want them to convert into a note, you can also mark it as done.

- Important to know! You can keep the note private or make it visible for only your team or for the whole team. By clicking the box of ‘life event’ you mark this note as something that is definitely memorable for the participant and will have an influence on his life.

Is it possible to export data from the StreetSmart Impact website?

Yes, it is. As a admin or team leader you have the possibility to export the data from the StreetSmart Impact website. The graphs are available to download in jpeg, but you can also download the raw data (.json). Here you find a few resources about processing and using this exported data in Microsoft Excel and in Google Spreadsheets. There are good courses about data analysis on Udemy and Coursera as well that cover the basics for beginners.

Data protection

How compliant is StreetSmart Impact to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

We are a social impact driven non-profit organisation. Having a positive impact on children and youngsters is our mission. Your data is safe with us and will not be commercially exploited. StreetSmart Impact protects your data following the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR). Security standards are continuously maintained. The setup of StreetSmart Impact offers different user roles with appropriate levels of data access. Procedures are integrated to allow you to guarantee GDPR compliance to your participants.


What type of user roles are available for StreetSmart Impact users?

In the StreetSmart Impact environment, we defined 5 roles, which should help you to protect your data, even within your own organisation. As we know, not everyone can have or should have the same access, each role has different possibilities:

How do I invite new users to my organisation?

This is only possible in the StreetSmart Impact website for the admins and team leaders. Choose ‘members’ from the menu. Here you can click on the orange button ‘invite user’.

Once invited, you can also add them to the teams in which the user will be working. Pick the right team from the menu on top of the page.

Now click on ‘teammates’ in the left column. Here you see the orange button ‘add’. Click this button and select the right teammates for your team.

How do I change someone’s role in StreetSmart Impact?

You can only change someone’s role when you are an admin or a team leader.
- Go to ‘members’ in the left menu
- Click on the team member you would like the change the role of.
- Underneath his name, you can click on the dropdown and change his role.

What if a team member is no longer active in my organisation?

That is not a problem. StreetSmart Impact offers you the possibility to make a member ‘inactive’. This way this person no longer has access to the data of your organization (GDPR), but you won’t lose the data this person captured. It will only be anonymized, so it can no longer be linked to this person.
- Go to ‘members’ in the left menu
- Click on the team member you would like put on inactive.
- Next to his name, you can toggle the ‘active-inactive’ button.

Data customisation

Is it possible to adapt the fields to indicators from our own organisation?

Yes, it is. As an admin you have access to the ‘data customisation’ tab in the left menu column on the website of StreetSmart Impact. There you have access to three tabs: general, data options and profile fields.

- General: Shows you the interval you can set to remind you to do a social map evaluation.
- Data options: Select the data type you want to customise. Now you see a list of all the options already in the app. You can enable or disable them or you can add a new option by clicking in the top right corner.
- Profile fields: Select which fields you would like to customize in the dropdown menu. Depending on the categories you have the option to add new fields and/ or to disable other fields.

Team information

How does the ‘team structure’ work on StreetSmart Impact?

Within your organisation, admins can create different teams. Admins and teamleaders can assign team members to those teams. Each user can only consult session and personal data from the team(s) they are part of. This way all the data is protected within a team. Admins can only consult anonymous, cumulated data.

How can I add new locations to my organisation?

This is only possible from the StreetSmart Impact website. Only team leaders can create new locations. A location is linked every time to a specific team. Click in the menu on ‘Team Information’. Now choose the tab ‘locations’ and click on the button ‘add locations’.

For every new location you can add a photo (which will appear as a cover photo in your app), the name of the location, the address and a short description.

To edit an existing location, just choose the location you wish to edit from your list.


What if a participant is part of multiple teams?

This is not a problem for StreetSmart Impact. Sometimes a participant who is already registered in the interventions of one team, will participate in interventions from another team. You can add the same participant to both teams. You can arrange this on the StreetSmart Impact website. This way the participant is not logged twice in the database of your organisation. Go to http://impact.street-smart.be. Click on the ‘participant tab’, choose the participant who is part of two teams. Now click on ‘edit team access ’ to add a second team to this profile. The registered data in each team will be protected, so you can’t see anything except for the personal information.

How does mood registration work?

The mood registration of a participant is only possible on the StreetSmart Impact application, not on the website. Once a participant is added to an intervention, you have the possibility to evaluate this participant on different indicators, of which one is ‘mood’.
- Click on ‘log mood’
- Now you see the evaluation wheel. Drag the blue dot around the evaluation wheel, until you find the corresponding mood of the participant.

The wheel exists of two axes. The vertical one sorts different types of mood from positive moods to negative moods. The horizontal axis sorts them from inactive to active. So, if a participant was quite positive and active today, you will have to look for a mood registration in the top right corner of the evaluation wheel. So, this could be proud, happy, cooperative or excited. This model is based on the PAD model (Pleasure – Arousal – Dominance) of Albert Mehrabian and James A. Russel. By logging mood regularly for a certain period, youth workers will be able to observe a trend, which makes it easier to see an evolution in the process of personal development. It is important to emphasize that a pragmatic approach was deliberately chosen and is therefore not a strict scientific measurement. Naturally, the results should be combined with the expertise of the youth worker to arrive at relevant conclusions.

How can I see the evaluations of the participants on the StreetSmart Impact website?

To see the evaluations you have made in the application, just go to the website. There are two options:

- Choose ‘Participants’ in the menu on the left side. Click on the participant of whom you would like to see the evaluation. Now click on the evaluations tab. For each intervention this participant was part of, you can see in the right column which evaluations were made.

- Choose ‘Interventions’ in the menu on the left side. Click on the intervention, you would like to see the evaluations of. On the tab ‘participants’ you can see for each participant what was evaluated. On the tab ‘reports’ you can see some graphs about the intervention.

Can I create a new profile for a participant on the website as well?

Yes, you can. Go to ‘Participants’ in the menu on the left side. Click on the orange button to create a new profile. Complete the form.This can be a good way to start with StreetSmart Impact and have already some known participants in the app.

What if a participant is no longer coming to the interventions of my organisation?

At this point you have three options in the website:
- You leave his profile open in your organisation. So you don’t have to change a thing.
- You can put this profile on ‘inactive’. Go to ‘Participants’ in the left menu. Click on the participant in question. On the right side of his name, you see a toggle to make this profile ‘inactive.

- You can delete this profile completely from your organisation by clicking on the symbol of the trash can. This also means that all the data you’ve gathered before on this participant will be anonymized. This can not be undone, so for safety this is limited to team leaders only.

What if we have two profiles of the same participant?

We understand this might happen. In the website we have also a solution for this problem.
- Go to ‘Participants’ in the menu on the left side.
- Click on ‘Participants’ and choose the participant from the column you have double.
- Now in the ‘information’ tab, scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will see a button ‘merge with other profile’. Click the button, pick the second profile and it will merge.

What if a participant no longer wants us to keep his data?

You can delete this participant from your organisation through the website. Go to ‘Participants’ in the left menu. Click on the participant in question. You can delete this profile completely from your organisation by clicking on the symbol of the trash can. This also means that all the data you’ve gathered before on this participant will be anonymized.

Can I add contacts to a social map from the website as well?

Yes, you can. Go to ‘Participants’ in the menu on the left. Choose a participant and click on the ‘contacts’ tab. Now you can add new contacts by clicking on the orange button ‘add contact’.


Can I create a new intervention on the website as well?

Yes, you can. Go to ‘Interventions’ in the menu on the left side. Now click on the orange button ‘Create intervention’. Complete the form.This can be a good way to prepare your interventions up front and invite your colleagues to the corresponding interventions.


Is StreetSmart Impact offline available?

The StreetSmart Impact app is on- and offline available. The website is only available online. When working in the app offline, the app will log everything you do. When you have a connection, it will synchronise with the online database. The only thing you have to be aware of, is the fact that when you are working offline with multiple people at the same time, in the same team, you won’t see what from each other what you are registering. Make sure you are not logging double data.

How do you connect the I Am StreetSmart application to the StreetSmart Impact application?

The I Am StreetSmart application is specially designed for the participants of the StreetSmart Impact interventions, so for example for the youngsters you are working with. I Am StreetSmart is available in the AppStore and PlayStore for free, but is only usable when an account on this app is linked to an organization who works with StreetSmart Impact.

To link an account to an organisation, you have to have admin or team leader rights in the StreetSmart Impact environment.
- Go to the website of StreetSmart Impact.
- Click in the menu on ‘Participants’
- Pick the participant from the list, you want to link with the I Am StreetSmart app.
- In the blue frame, you can now see the button to invite this participant and join your organisation.
- Once the participants accepts the invitation, he will be able to see an agenda of the upcoming interventions, do some of his evaluations himself, complete surveys and send messages to the youth workers of the organization.

Is StreetSmart Impact available in other languages?

Yes. On the website you can switch the language to English, French, Spanish or Dutch in top right corner. The language of the app is automatically decided by the settings of your phone. So, if you put your phone in Dutch, the app will be in Dutch as well. If your phone is set in another language, then the four we have for StreetSmart, the app will pick English by default.We don’t have plans in the immediate future to translate to other languages, but if there were to be a lot of questions for a certain language, we can definitely consider translating.

I try to upload an image through the app, but I don’t see anything happening?

This is because the images you’ve tried to upload, are actually uploaded to the participant’s profile on the website. The app is built this way to make sure you are able to snap some pictures while you are with your participant, but don’t make it too heavy (you know, too many megabytes) to run the app smoothly on your smartphone. So don’t worry, the images are not lost.

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