This mini toolkit is designed to offer youth workers the tools to work on the topics of belonging and rituals. Feeling part of something bigger helps reduce anxiety and stress, leads to better performance, and helps to feel connected with others. Our toolkit provides guidelines and methods for youth workers to implement rituals to foster belonging in their day-to-day practice. The toolkit consists of two components.

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Our games and activities manual offers a guide to establish rituals in your own youth work practice.

Rituals • Create Your Crew

Dive into this engaging game that motivates children to fortify their team or “crew” through identifying and gathering symbols of strength, cultivating a sense of identity, unity, and togetherness.

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Rituals • Goal Getters’ Gala

Think of different engaging rituals that encourage children to set, pursue and achieve their goals. This game promotes teamwork, personal growth, and the significance of celebrating achievements.

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Rituals • Embracing special moments

Honour special occasions and strengthen your connection through meaningful social rituals. In this game, we'll create unforgettable experiences for birthdays and other milestones, fostering a sense of belonging among participants.

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This toolkit is developed in the scope of 12 April, International Day for Street Children. While focusing on the importance of belonging, rituals can serve as a good tool foster a deep sense of inclusion for street-connected children, ensuring they enjoy the same rights and feelings of belonging as all children all around the world. Our aim is to empower youth workers and to provide them with guidelines and methods to promote children’s rights.