While the pandemic situation remains instable in large parts of the world, there is once again a lot of activity within our partner network. More and more organisations are currently applying to become part of the global StreetSmart Wheels network. The reason for this is simple: an increased need on the street because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we at StreetSmart decided to focus on the opportunities and to restart our international expeditions if the pandemic situation and the local restrictions in the destination country allow it.

After a prospection in Guadalajara in Mexico last summer – conducted by our local trainer Jessika Martinez – the propective visit in Kenya was the first international training after a long time of inactivity. In Eldoret, the Inuka Network is eager to launch a mobile school to interact with the large street population in the city. The network was established recently with the support of the Belgian organisation Caprioolkinderen vzw, led by Eddy de Nil. Caprioolkinderen is also a long-term partner of Yenege Tesfa - one of our Ethiopian partners – and therefore the team is already well-informed about the possibilities of the mobile school.

During the visit to Eldoret, it was crystal clear there is a huge need on the streets for non-formal educational street work. Moreover, the city is located only 100km away from Kitale, where our partner Child Rescue Kenya is working since 2019 with the mobile school to boost the self-esteem of street-connected youngsters. Together with the team, our trainer Bram assessed about 10 locations in and around Eldoret which show great potential to become future mobile school locations.  

Both parties are even more enthusiastic after the visit to take the next steps and to solve the remaining challenges as soon as possible. If all goes well, our new mobile school in Eldoret could already be launched later this year. Make sure to keep an eye on our website and social media pages to stay tuned!