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This year, the children and young people here in Belgium also understood, better than ever, what it means when they cannot go to school and how it feels when school comes to them through online learning, ... a bit like our mobile school to the street children.

To give all these teachers and students a warm heart, this year, together with our volunteers, we are committed to them.

5 fun educational teaching videos for primary schools

'Radio Coronials' consists of 5 interactive, easily accessible videos of about 15 minutes that can be watched in the classroom. With these 5 videos, we want to make teachers and pupils in Flanders reflect on the strange times we are currently experiencing. But as always at, we will look together with you for the opportunities in every crisis.

5 videos on 5 themes:
  • Coronials are happy with their cot! About basic needs.
  • Coronials go for safety first! About safety.
  • Coronials are brilliant! About education.
  • Coronials are super rich! About leisure.
  • Coronials are fiery! About health.

We look for recognition in our own environment, but we also look at it more broadly: how did the street children fare during the lockdowns? Of course, our mobile school is also discussed. The end goal of Radio Coronials?

Show with the class how you have become real Coronials in recent months: Children who care for and support others, but also dare to ask for help when they are having a hard time. The Coronials who firmly believe that everything will be fine again!

We think this is an ideal way to enter The Warmest Week together! Are you a teacher and interested in getting started with this?

Now there is also the Coronials board game! In episode 3 Coronials are genius, this is discussed. The game is available in Dreamland (and on their webshop) and in Colruyt.