This article provides an overview of the meaning of purpose. In doing so, it discusses why companies should focus on purpose-driven working. It also explains how purpose and performance contribute to changes in culture and behaviour within a company. Aditionally it discusses how the Dutch company Tony's Chocolonely puts this into practice. Moreover, it explains how to consciously connect purpose-driven working with your company's performance in a step-by-step manner.


The meaning of "Purpose" is complicated and there is some ambiguity about what exactly it means. StreetwiZe follows Dahlmann's definition (Dahlmann, 2020) as the true definition of purpose.

This definition states that purpose is a standard for the short-term choices you make and the goals you set. This norm is based on something that is very important to you, that you find valuable and that is meaningful to you. This can apply to you as a person, to your team or to your company. It is about striving for something beyond just the day-to-day operational goals you have.

In doing so, companies should not only look at their own profit maximisation. They should also look at the value they can create for all stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers and society as a whole.

Through a purpose-driven approach, companies are able to align their short-term decisions and goals with their broader objectives. This results in them not only achieving financial gains but also creating social value.

To find out that an electric car fleet does not yet make you purpose-driven and how a chocolate bar can set a good example, do read the full ‘Purpose & Performance’ article.