The PSSB has been producing the mobile schools for StreetwiZe • Mobile School for more than 15 years. Normally, the mobile blackboards on wheels are shipped to all corners of the world shortly after production to give street youth the opportunity to develop their talents, but due to the corona crisis it is currently impossible to start new projects. “Some schools are currently waiting to go to their projects in Georgia, Turkey and Uganda,” explains Arnoud Raskin. “Since the students and teachers of the PSSB produce the schools, it is a great opportunity to introduce them to our board on wheels and the associated learning games for a slightly longer period of time.”

Despite the fact that the mobile schools were developed for use on the street, the methodology can now also be used with the students of the PSSB. “It was an obvious choice for us to use the mobile school,” says Luc Valkeneers of the PSSB. “These days it is generally recommended to teach outdoors. Indoor lessons must always be taught with face masks and open windows, which is not always easy for teachers and students. It didn't take long before we saw the opportunity to introduce our students to the interactive learning methods at the mobile school in the open air. This is also a great opportunity for our teachers to unleash their creativity.”

There are now 57 mobile schools operating in 30 countries. “For example, we now have active mobile schools in European countries such as Germany, Spain and Poland,” Raskin explains. “The current corona epidemic is also a period that raises many questions for young people. The mobile school's learning games are ideal for starting the discussion with young people in a safe and creative way about how the corona crisis affects their lives.”